Bueno Rosario Sample Computation, Dec 2018

The Bueno Rosario sample computations are based on the latest available prices.

There are two kinds of properties for sale in Bueno Rosario, namely: Inner Units and Corner Units. Corner Units are units on each end in a row of town houses, and sit in a street corner (hence the name). On the other hand, Inner Units are all other non-corner units. In any development, clients often buy out the corner units first because they often have bigger lot areas despite its slightly higher price. Additionally, a corner unit receivers more natural light and air.

House ModelMishkaMishkaMishka
Type / PositionComplete Town House / Corner UnitComplete Town House / Corner UnitComplete Town House / Inner Unit
Lot Area88 m²77 m²50 m²
Floor Area56 m²56 m²56 m²
Total Contract Price1,918,760.001,867,346.001,680,500.00
Less: Discount100,000.00100,000.00100,000.00
Net Total Selling Price1,818,760.001,767,346.001,580,500.00
Estimated Loan Amount1,700,000.001,673,000.001,500,000.00
Less: Reservation8,000.008,000.008,000.00
Net Equity110,760.0086,346.0072,500.00
Equity, Payable in 12 Months9,230.007,195.506,041.67
Pag-IBIG FinancingMonthly AmortizationMonthly AmortizationMonthly Amortization
3 years52,006.6451,180.6545,888.21
5 years33,163.0132,636.3029,261.48
10 years19,195.2118,890.3516,936.95
15 years14,692.2614,458.9112,963.76
20 years12,549.9512,350.6311,073.48
25 years11,346.0911,165.8910,011.26
30 years10,605.7910,437.349,358.05


All prices are indicative and are subject to change by the developer, bank and/or Pag-IBIG.