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Our front door may be closed, but we are very much open for business
Survive then Thrive

By Aaron Torensen, CEO, LINK. As a veteran of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (like many other NZ business owners) and the difficult 2 years that followed, I know how challenging the time ahead is likely to be for many of us. Those that delay, procrastinate or…

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Brillianz Residences Sample Computation

The Brillianz Residences Sample Computation are based on latest available prices. These housing units look similar and are differentiated by the presence of set-backs and firewalls. Single Detached Units have standard setbacks on all sides, and are available for lots sized 72 m² or more. In contrast,…

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Southview Homes Sample Computation, Aug 2018

This Southview Homes sample computation is based on August 2018 available price lists. Southview Homes offer two types of houses: a 2-bedroom unit, and 3-bedroom unit. Clients can choose one of two payment terms: 10-90: 10% Down Payment, 90% Balance via Loan15-85: 15% Down Payment, 85% Balance…

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Bueno Rosario Sample Computation, Dec 2018

The Bueno Rosario sample computations are based on the latest available prices. There are two kinds of properties for sale in Bueno Rosario, namely: Inner Units and Corner Units. Corner Units are units on each end in a row of town houses, and sit in a street…

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